A Coral in the Space, it depends how we see it.
This  is  an authentic  photography  of one of Jupiters moons: May 12, 2013
Like a Coral in the Space near Jupiter
The world 'Moon' should be abolished in Science
It depends how we see it !
The Space
between the years
1066 and 1969
Halley's Comet
Hyperion next door
210.000 new bacteria per day
Eve killed Adam with this rock and later had sex with a raccoon. One can build a nation on this one.
My entire conversation with all people I met the last three years I have recorded on video as well as all my phone conversations with all people. I have a camera lense in my ring on my finger.
"Our platform getting smaller and smaller and we getting older and older, and  suddenly we fall flat.
I have recorded all my entire conversations and meetings  I had with all people I met the last 3 years, including phone conversations. My ring on my finger is actually a video camera and in my pocket I have the micro recorders._ -Ture Sjolander
"WebPaint your mind: Autism and Visual Art is often blurred together by scientific diletantes. Brain stimulations should be done on
politicians instead or stupid popular TV-producers. There is No connection at all between Art and Autism. People who think that
way should be subject for lobotomy. The so called, scientists who define art in that extremely obsolete way should also be fired and excluded from their practice in our society"                                                                                                         - Ture Sjolander
Modern Contemporary Artist insulting Modern Obsolete Scientists.
If " God wanted us to know more, not less " - Professor Robert Winston
Space in the Space 2010
Englewood Colorado